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Some Risk Factors of Lower Back Pain

Yoshiko - barry silverLumbar discomfort attacks hundreds of many individuals every day. Most will see their primary healthcare professional, who will typically recommend discomfort medicines, anti-inflammatory, and perhaps muscular relaxants. Some will call their local chiropractic specialist and receive chiropractic treatment. And then some will try to manage their discomfort on their own.

The healthcare literary works in Chattanooga are filled with case studies on low returning problems. Why some individuals create it, while others don’t is still open to conversation. There are some risks associated with low returning pain:


When you ceased increasing, around your early 20s your bone fragments ceased increasing. Your long bone fragments and spinal vertebrae resolved at a size sufficient to back up a naturally trim body weight. Now, the only way to put on bodyweight after you stop increasing is to obtain fat, or get pregnant. If fat forms in the stomach, it goes the center of severity of your stomach ahead and draws your reduced backbone ahead in the process. The excess bodyweight squeezes the fibrous (discs) in your backbone, as well as in your waist, legs, and legs. Eventually, it will cause the fibrous to create breaks. The increased pressure and backbone arc jellies the rear vertebral joint parts (facet joints) together, making the spinal vertebrae less mobile. This causes muscular tissue around the backbone to wither up, or damage. End result: low returning problems and rigidity.

This is why your Chattanooga chiropractor is concerned with your weight!

Overly inactive lifestyle

Many of those who work at a desk for the most part of the day fall in this classification. You need to move your backbone frequently in order to keep your backbone disks moisturized and healthy, and to keep your backbone musculature worked out and beautifully shaped so that it can assistance your backbone from the returning, the sides, and the front. Sitting and not exercising leads to poor disks and poor returning muscular tissue, which can lead to discomfort?

History of low returning damage

If you hurt your returning during secondary school or college, it may have recovered. But recovered cells have scars combined in. Scratch cells is what your whole body uses to close damaged muscular, muscle and components cells. Scratch cells is not as strong or flexible as normal cells, so if a previously harmed area is subject to a heavy load, or sometimes an unexpected activity, it can become re-injured. And now, since you’re older, it may not cure as fast as before, and may even become serious (permanent).


Smoking deprives fresh air distribution to cells. If your job places a lot of force on your returning, the cells that create up your disks, muscular tissue, muscle and structures need fresh air, as their metabolic process improves. Limited fresh air will create these components vulnerable to damage. Also, cigarettes contain at least ten known harmful toxins.

If you are aware of these risks, you can take immediate steps to help reduce your chances of developing low returning problems.



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Chronic Pain for Women

All about Chronic Back Pain

16 - diamond farahBack pain usually starts very small but if not treated well it can increase and last longer, becoming chronic. You find that many people suffer from back pain nowadays, and they have come to learn how to handle and treat them. Back pain can be brought by standing, sitting or lifting incorrectly. Depending with how the pain is caused, one can usually use painkillers and doing exercise to help reduce the pain. If the pain does not go away within 12 weeks it becomes chronic. Chronic back pain is very irritating and can affect one life in a great way.

Various causes of back pain

The back is a complex part of the body and it comprises of several parts. It is made up various joints, muscles, nerves and bones. When pain occurs in the back, one might have problems knowing where the pain is originating from. You will find that most chronic back pains are not caused by serious injuries or even diseases. Sprains, injuries or a pinched or compressed nerve. The following are some of the possible causes of chronic back pain, according to your Omaha chiropractor.

  • If one bends in the wrong posture for a long period.
  • Twisting in an abnormal manner.
  • Driving in the wrong position.
  • Overusing ones muscles, which can be due to repetitive movements.

Also, in some cases back pain can develop for no reason. There are also risk factors that are believed to cause back pain. They include the following:

  • Obese – being overweight is a common reason as to why people develop back pain.
  • Smoking – Smoking can cause damaging of the tissues in the back.
  • Pregnancy – When one is pregnant the weight of the baby may cause extra strain on the spine.
  • Stress- This is another risk factor that causes tension in the muscle that are suited in the back.

In few cases, you find that back pain can be caused by certain medical conditions:

  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Ankylosing spondylitis

In general these are the main causes of back pain.

Treating and caring for Chronic Back pain

Rest was one of the main things that was advised by doctors in the early days. Today you find that one is required to be as active as possible. One is required to take part of an exercise that they like doing. While doing the exercises, one can also take additional painkillers so that they help in reducing the pain.

Back pain is a very uncomfortable sensation that many people experience. If the pain does not go away in six weeks, then it becomes chronic. If the pain last for 6 week or more, it is more than important that you do seek medical attention so that you get the best kind of treatment.



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Choosing a Female Lawyer?

Auto injuries and finding a good legal representative.

female lawyer  CALIThere are very many people who suffer due to auto injuries, which affect their back and spinal cord every year. In fact, accidents related to this kill thousands of people. This shows that the wounds at the back are very common injuries, which are recorded every year. If you are one of the many individuals who have constant or sharp pains at the back after a collision, it is important that you contact an accident lawyer since treating these kinds of ailments is extremely difficult and costly.

The main issue is that you do not have to struggle with the entire financial burden which has been caused by someone else. Therefore, it is essential for you to hire a good auto injury attorney; this increases your chances of getting the required compensation. The lawyer you choose should in no way let the insurance company reduce your claims for their own economic gain. Below are some of the most common type of back injuries, which can affect you after an accident and details on how to get a good lawyer.

  • Spine injuries.

Normally, the spinal cord is an assortment of nerves, which are enclosed and sheltered by bones. It is generally an intricate system that is made up of cartilage, muscles and bones. Any harm to the backbone can be very grave in nature since any damage may be due to serious trauma or crash. When the harm is severe, and the vertebra is totally smashed the most like consequence for it is paralysis. The majority of the wounds that happen on the nerves of the spine cannot be repaired.

  • Lumber injury.

This region begins from the lower mid section going all the way down to the back. This part of the back is very important since it offers stability and supports every time you stand or sit. If the area is hurt in any way, the motions you will take can be very painful. People who complain of this problem usually have a lot of difficulties when moving in certain way or when they are doing their daily work. These kinds of injures are normally agonizing and harsh to deal with mentally and physically. Therefore, the importance of hiring an excellent lawyer is vital since they will be able to get you the necessary compensation for your pain and distress, urgent cost of medication, the income you have lost and all the required expenses needed through rehabilitation by a Sugar Land chiropractor.

One of the issues you need to check first is the qualifications of the lawyer. The next thing is to follow up whether the company is accredited by the relevant authorities in the land. Then, once you confirm all that, you check their experience and reputation. How many cases have they handled and were successful? You need to ask all these questions and get credible answers.



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Workplace Gender Discrimination

Working Women in Houston

Even though it is 2014, the gender discrimination a working woman in Houston faces is atrocious and almost shocking. One of the biggest challenges for a working woman in Houston is that she is paid less than a man for working the same work. There is a major wage gap between the men and women workers. For every one dollar paid to a man worker a woman worker earns only 70 cents which is lesser for African American women and even lesser for Latinas. The discrimination does not stop here. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to be fired for taking too many bathroom breaks or compelled to go on unpaid leave. Pregnant women workers are considered a liability. The rights of a working woman in Houston are poor and the stress it brings to her and her family is a matter of serious concern.

Women are not the only people upset by the gap and the difference. Even men, such as Mark Weiss, DC of Weiss Chiropractic, are upset by the way women struggle in the workplace.

Ideally women should be paid equal for equal work so that they have the same shot to success. But that is currently not the case. Half the households in Houston are headed by Women with a woman being the principal bread earner of the family. Thus eliminating this wage gap will provide the much needed income and security to these women and their families. Equal income for women as men can improve the lifestyle of half of the population of Houston, which is huge. A woman has to juggle so many balls and do so much work together of taking care of family and responsibility at work. If a woman can be paid well it will help her provide good food and education to her kids which ultimately will lead to a better educated population in the long run. It is time America’s government helped the working women of Houston. The Congress ought to pass the Pay check Fairness Act which will help working women of Houston to fight wage discrimination. It will also increase the negotiating power of a woman and put her in a better place at her work place.

Businesswoman with Handheld DeviceHouston is a part of America, the so called leading global power whose economy is at an all-time high. But this economic boom is not being witnessed or experienced by many parts of America with Houston being one of them. There is dire need to solve the problem for working women in Houston in the near future before it becomes bigger and topples the overall economy of the country.


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Houston Economy & Women

Houston Economy for Women

Houston - J LabradorHouston has reported strong job growth over the last few years. However, the Houston economy for women is not positive in all aspects. Women earn less in various industries such as healthcare, technology, education, legal, community services, construction, and natural resources. The statistics also indicate that women earn more in sales and office jobs compared to men. Based on 2012 estimates, the average earning for women is $23,297 while men earn $30,052. This means that the men earn 29% more than women in Houston.

A 2013 report by the Center for Women in Business revealed that women own 51% of the businesses in Houston. There were 181,900 female owned businesses in Houston during this period. These businesses employed 162,000 people and generated $40 billion annually. The Houston economy for women is better compared to other cities such as San Antonio that only had 61,000 female owned businesses in 2013 and only made $8 billion in revenues during that period. Some of the leading companies led by women in Houston include KelseyCare Advantage, Oil States International, Sun Coast Resources, NewQuest Properties, and Cole Chemical & Distributing Inc.


Houston economy for women is also improving in terms of female corporate leadership. The number of female members in corporate boards in Houston has been low compared to other regions in the country but the city has made significant headway. Leading Houston companies are close to achieving the percentage of female directors that S&P 500 organizations are supposed to fulfill. In 2013, there were 11.9% female corporate board members. This is a significant change in the Houston economy for women because it increased from 8.2% in 2012. However, a lot more needs to be done to get to the required 18%.

Entrepreneur Roger Humphreys, DDS, understand the importance of empowering women. He suggests looking for groups to get involved in, to garner support and a network of contacts.

Several groups have made an effort to improve the Houston economy for women including the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Women Corporate Directors. They have launched efforts that are directed at increasing the number of women in corporate boards. Houston’s economy is still growing and this means that there are more job opportunities for women to exploit.


While there have been significant changes in the role that women play in Houston’s economy, they continue to earn less and get fewer leadership positions. However, the Houston economy for women has potential as various institutions implement strategies that will support female executives. An increasing number of women are also joining the corporate world and this gives them more opportunities to make an impact in the city’s economy. The city also needs to create an environment that supports women to get into business and provide employment.


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The GHWCC featured in recent article

An article, written by a prominent journalist, featured the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce! Read Below:


There has been an increase in the number of women graduating from both graduate school and college over the last few years and this demonstrates a positive change in women education in Houston. The number of women graduating is much greater compared to the men who leave the learning institutions. However, more men than women are advancing in various professional fields.

In Houston, several organizations have played a significant role when it comes to promoting education among the female population.

The Women’s Institute of Houston is an example of an organization that has made a significant impact on women education in Houston. This institute provides adults continuing education through practical classes, seminars, and lectures. It specializes in a variety of subjects including computer education, psychology, history, politics, art history, current events, and literature. The institute relies on experts from various local universities to offer these courses.

Portrait of a female executive - bureau of IIPThe Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce is another influential organization that is made of high profile individuals who are committed to empowering and advancing women through mentoring, advocacy, education, and leadership. The Association for Women in Computing has also promoted women education in Houston by helping them to establish successful careers in various technical fields. The main objective of this organization is to assist several women to attain their business and professional objectives. The organization achieves this by sharing opportunities, resources, and connections and offering education. This support is provided in a networking environment to equip women with the skills they need to boost their careers. It holds regular meetings where women can network.

The Texas Women’s University is another example of the kind of effort that has been put into revolutionizing women education in Houston. This is one of the first universities that were established to target women. It does accept male students but its primary focus is to promote female literacy in the region. This school is the kind of place that not only supports Houston. Whether you are a veterinarian in Dallas or a Dentist in San Antonio, you can become something and keep up with continued education at this school.

There has been significant progress when it comes to women education in Houston but the female population still needs a lot of help when it comes to advancing especially in the professional environment. This is why there have been several institutions established to assist women to identify ways to enhance their careers. These institutions offer the kind of resources that women require to exploit opportunities usually taken up by men. Women education in Houston can be enhanced further if the female population has access to adequate resources and support. This will allow them to compete on the same level with men.


Portrait of a Female Execute – Bureau of IIP

How to Apply for Houston Women’s Business Grants

Houston is the most popular city which is situated in Texas. In fact, this is the largest city in the southern United States. This is an incredible place where you can find nice and friendly women. The women in Huston also provide a network of opportunities.

How to Apply for Houston Women’s Business Grants

Women in Houston can take advantage of grants which are offered by both the government and private institutions. The following are the steps in which the women in Houston can enable them to be promoted in their entrepreneurship:

1st step : Select Program Types

The initial step in which the Houston women should undertake is to select specific programs which matches their own personal situation and the business. As a Houston woman, you need to select a range of options. Consequently, search for grants from the federal funding from private funding.

2nd step : Research Organizations

The second step is to research for the granting organization. This can be done by visiting the website and reading any press releases and new articles which are related to the organization. In fact, you need to focus on the exact award grant purposes. The grants are mainly offered to promote the women.

Entrepreneur Travis Titlow, DDS recommends finding organizations which match your passion and skillset and which do not conflict with your values about business. There is no purpose in seeking support from a non-match.

Keep Going - Celestine Chua3rd step : Contact the Organization

The next step is to contact the granting organization as well as asking for guidance in the preparation of the proposal.

4th step : Create a Proposal

For you to get the business grant, you need to create the grant business proposal. These are information which comprises of: mission, products offerings and needs assessment. The needs assessment clearly explains the requirements of your company. Therefore, you need to specifically focus on ways in which your organization will promote its goals by using the business grant.

5th step : Describe in Detail

This is another step in which will enable Houston women to get the business grant. You need to create a thorough description of your products, business model and services. consequently, add a detailed summary of how to spend the grant money and project financial statements.

6th step : Summarize

After going through the above guidelines, Houston women can create an executive summary of all other sections which are performed at the start of the grant proposal.

7th step : Submit

The last step is to submit your grant proposal to your designated reception in your organization. Follow all the submission instructions and format when sending your proposal. Moreover, you need to include a brief cover letter which is an introduction of you and your company.

The above are the major steps in which women in Houston should undertake so as to achieve the business grant objective. Therefore, you need to acquire the above skills and you will be successful.

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